Week 9 (November 8 + 13)

Yay! Unity!

How is it going? How has beginning programming affected your idea for the hospital? What are some lessons from SL that will affect how you develop your project. How does going to Jump Into the Light affect your project?

Week 8 (November 1 + 6)

Hi all,

When you get a chance, insert week 8's post.

We are about to move into unity, what lessons have you learned from making your 360 video? What does SL offer that 360 video cannot do? What does 360 video do that SL cannot? How are they differently immersive?

Week 7 (October 25 + 30)

Hi all,
Sorry this is late. We've made our qualitative questions and we're well on our way to building our project!

SecondLife has the potential to bring people together across different nations. However, that potentially utopic impulse is subverted by the ways in which people are meant to fend for themselves. As you have reported, people aren't always welcoming.

What are some strategies that you would employ to make SecondLife feel more communal?
What will you do with your personal projects to make them more accessible?

Week 6 (October 19 + 23)

OMG look at us being content creators!

As we continue to create our content, what are strategies that can use to build worlds? To make those worlds more accessible? More equitable?
Does Second Life succeed at this? How does is or doesn't it?
In the worlds that you are building, how can you apply the lessons that you are learning by reflecting on SecondLife?

Week 5 (October 11 + 16)

Hi all,

I hope this week is treating you well.

You can post this week's blog post here!

While you reflect on this week, think about this:
How does information (news, rules, alerts, etc...) travel throughout Second Life? Is it centralized? Who shares it? Who is the intended/unintended audience? What is the power of media vs word of mouth in Second Life?